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Léa.   17yo.   France.   Korn ♥.
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Korn. System of a Down. Jonathan Davis. Dero Goi. Earthbound. Ville Valo. Germany. Resident Evil. Bodymodification. Lordi. Finland. Rammstein. The Legend of Zelda. OOMPH!. Indochine. South Park. Fieldy. Simon Pegg. Nirvana. Bon Jovi. Dogs. The Big Bang Theory. Viza. Serj Tankian. Dragon Ball. Alexi Laiho. Dexter's Laboratory. Bass. Drawing. Jackass. HIM. Children of Bodom. The Offspring. Smosh. Pokémon. Family Guy. Death Note. Salad Fingers. Elfen Lied. Daria. And many other things ! ♥                                                                                                                                                                                                           Geek(s)

Two of my favorite singer! I love them so much!! <3
They are not alike but… on these photos, yes!
Boo Sticking Out Tongue